You Have to Clean the Cages


“Well Mr Cox, what does our little Feng want now?” The speaker could have been called well dressed, especially in places that dealt with mad scientists and ring leaders.

Standing almost a half a foot taller than five feet, the speaker was dressed in a long once white lab coat, re-enforced at the hem, patched and mismatched buttons, and at least three different layers of material at the elbows. Atop the speaker’s unruly hair was a weather-beaten bowler of a hat. He twirled in his hands a pair of sunglasses, at once treating them like the glasses meant nothing, and yet never allowing harm to come to them.

Mr. Cox for his part was dressed every bit the proper city man, in a purple tie with matching pin strips on his two piece suit. “Well Soto,” it was never Mister Soto, and these two were long past the use of first names to signify familiarity, once in a such a man was referred to as The Soto, but today it was just Soto. “Feng was not feeling well, and she needed”

Cutting the younger man off, “I need Feng for the show tonight!”

“I know, I know. That’s why I let Feng into Shui’s cage. Those two always seem to make each other feel better.”

“Hmpft, We shall see. The show must go on Mr. Cox, it must.” Swinging a leg over the beat up leather seat of a motorcycle. “I shall go into town Mr. Cox and arrange for supplies. Please finish the setup for tonight’s show.”

“I shall, have no fear Soto, I shall”

With a cough and spark, the motorcycle with it’s side car began to pick up speed.

“Make sure to let the other’s help with the heavy lifting!” With that, The Soto, ringleader and owner of ‘Friends and Friendships Travelling Animal Circus’ lead a pillar of smoke and dust into the nearby town.

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