“Creepy,” Sarah said as she shivered upon coming up and over the hill top.

Matt knew it wasn’t about the air, or the cold. They were on foot, still a novelty but tiring, more so than if they had flied. Sarah was bundled up in her long pink coat and hat, each with some matching Disney fairy on them, peaking up over fur that lined the coat and hat.

Matt looked up and around, the air was clear not even a cloud. The hills mostly green with grass that didn’t grow higher than his ankles, and very little bushes, and no trees. Down in the valley, their destination, was a large farm, an air farm Matt had been told. Their were large, 50 foot and taller white pillars that dotted the earth, and on the tip of each pillar, two or three large white blades that twirled in the air that continually blew through the valley. Air farms, for harnessing the air and putting it to use as human electricity. Matt was shocked, but a part of him knew this was one of the better ways to create electricity.

“It’s just windmills”

Sarah looked at Matt with that look that said Matt was being an idiot. “I know that, but that is all there is here. Windmills, no trees, no animals. It’s creepy to be here with all this motion, and yet, nothing, no noise, no sounds. Not even a bird chirping, and I thought we were near the ocean, so that should mean seagulls.”

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