An attempt was made


Soommehow, I was woken up/I woke up at 5 in the morning. Now, this wasn’t one of those _hey, roll over_ and go back to sleep moments. This was a full, I’m up, my eyes are awake. Let’s do this.

But I got out, got the coffee, the laptop going. And instead of going into email, got music going and opened up the current work in progress that I most want to see completed.

Nothing. _Nada_ **Zip**

Completely blank. Even those tricks of rereading the last few paragraphs one wrote wasn’t working.

Tried with another one. Something that I don’t mind is going to take forever. Something that I can just read and revise or build on to… Nope. Not happening.

An hour later and at least I’ve found something to get words out.

So, maybe time to switch gears. Email and other things it is, till work.

Wish me luck for the day.

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