Quarantine .. day… some number


So, it’s what day 14? 18? 1 because this state’s governor is a weak ass. Either way, I’ve been home, work from home, stay at home for two weeks now. It’s not getting to me yet in terms of straight that. Other things are

  • Not having my desk, my normal keyboard, and my chair.
  • Not having a decent fan to help with airflow while working.

Now, these things affect the work, the writing. Or at least everything on my computer.. I still hand write too. But there is no other table here, no other chairs here that work for hand writing.

Suffice to say, I’ve worked on Mimosa’s Ice.. Around 1k new words, and three scenes reworked so far from the critique’s thanks to my partners at Futurescapes 2020.

I’ve also managed two full hand written pages in The Penny Dreadful Files.

I’ll grant you, neither is a lot. But something is better than nothing. Forward progress is always welcome and it does get one closer to being done.

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