The Story so far

As updated every other outing by your most humble of groupies.

First Scenes The gang met in an unusual (for them) bar outside of Amerika-kana. While the bar itself was a typical Osakan bar with keno in the corner, it’s owner had updated it with the latest in server robots and many features that street gangs and Johnson’s would find welcome.

The gang met in one of the many corner, soundproofed booths. As drinks were ordered Silver-n-Gold and our Fixer spoted what was assumed to be known to them Johnson’s with a job. Such was not entirely the case due to Silver-n-Gold picking one whom took some offense to the corp-speak our member imployed. However, the first contact by resulted in said honorable Johnson observing the gang as if this encounter would be a good test of us.

While Silver-n-Gold attempted to talk their way past such offense, the Good Dr, and our media star did order drinks and prove that at need, the bar would be recomp’d. In good fashion, the solo did discretely move up in support of Gold-n-Silver. Intercepting the Johnson’s flashy attack before it could ruin our corporate face. Once restrained as such, this Johnson did offer to allow the gang to save the offense and would leave with no due payback should their bartab be assumed.

This proved to be agreeable to the gang, and in so doing we passed the other honorable Johnson’s first test. In doing so, the Johnson agreed to speak to the gang at large. This Johnson is known to work with several smaller non-affiliated Families, the Fuchiwa, Le, as well as the Meishin Bosozoku. He showcased his knowledge in proposing a small job and payment was in kind towards our good Doctor’s bottom line.

The gang did accept the job and was provided with a target: the statement of materials for a pharma/bio shipping container that had been lost to the sub-city of the Docks. Payment: was to be 200kilo’s of active carrying agent- a necessary component of drug delivery, potentially worth 800k yen. Discretion was required, as was the ability for an informant to be returned to work.

The informant was found to be a customer in the Doctor’s web of supply. And so a friendly approach was made to interrogate the informant. Said civil worker, once under the Doctor’s directed influence, did in fact literally hand over everything that had been recorded by him owing towards the missing shipping container. Having purchased the interrogation with a sample of the Doctor’s products. The gang left discussing the idea of creating leverage against the Family whom was calling for the job. As well as how to approach the Yakuza owned and operated Port area.

– Narrator –

Second Scenes The Gang having accepted the job, Regrouped and devised a strategy where they leveraged the Doc’s pharmacy in order to liberate information from the custom’s agent that had accepted the target container on the docks.

This proved to be easy, As the less than intelligent member of the custom’s civil service was guaranteed the position for life. Which is now compromised if it should ever come to light that the gang did get the information on all the shipping of that day from the worker. Emboldened, perhaps erroneously so with such a success, the gang employed a hacker to tap into the dock yard and having observed the container did send part of the gang to obtain the material manifest.

A misguided attempt at using the heavy machinery of the dock yard cranes, and a wrong turn later found the media and fixer face to face with a cannibalistic cargo cult. While Mr. Solo did his Spiderman impression to obtain the manifest as well as the payment, the cannibals did start to marinate the party members with their special knock out and muscle relaxant drugs. Even the Solo’s high powered and precise shooting was no match for being caught in a tight shipping container when several water balloons of the knock out gas filled the his area.

The Doc’s quick thinking sent Silver n Gold to take charge of the office and other workers on shift while calling for a medi-vac crew. By my erroneous account the gang is now in debt to not only a freelance keyboard jocky, but this medi-vac contract of well over several million double yen. However, all members were able to be extracted to the safety of our good Doctor’s drug manufacturing and research plant in the business district.

While there several members had to consume several days in recovery, giving other members time to form conspiracies as well as robotic companions. From this the gang has now avoided contacting the good Mr. Johnson who gave the job, and are instead staking out a minor family’s Hot Spring’s Inn, on the slopes to the north of Osaka proper. – Narrator –