>Welcome to Osaka Most Revered Guest

You will find several neighborhoods to you liking, Osaka unlike much of Japan welcomes and plays host and home to several foreigners, American and European Union included. As such, we have in many cases transended the need for the tatamae, but do present your best, espeically to any of the honored families. Be you media or rocker, Osaka welcomes you and your fame! We only ask that you honor the SDF and local police requests as to where and when recordings are to be turned off.

Please know this, your most humble guide and recorder is failable and does not have the yen to repair his most common cyber. Please review this map print out.

Character Generation and LifePath HouseRules

  • Foreign Characters
    • Follow the CP2020 as much as possible for the LifePath Rules.
    • For any amount of years spent in the PacRim, one may substitute those years to the PacRim LifePath.
    • Your PC is considered fluent in spoken Japanese (with accent) unless SP is spent.
  • Native Characters
    • Follow the PacRim LifePath (SDF characters not allowed)
    • Main book Implants and Cyber is available to you.
    • Your PC is considered fluent in Business English (with accent) unless SP is spent.

Osaka 2022

The Big Families


Any and all, this family’s influence reached anywhere on or off world


Banking, Vehicle Manufacturing, Energy based weapons development


Banking, Insurance, Securities, Rental Properties, Leases


Orbital Crystals, optical chips, monomolecular manufacturing


Optics and cyberwear manufacturing


Gaming, Robot And Weapon Manufacturing/Software development

Local Knowledge

Osakans maybe one of the only Japanese groups that enjoy talking things out. They expect to bargin, to solve things, and not to hide behind the rigurs and manners of tatamae. However, any one else and you better have a decent Human Perception to figure out what is actually the issue.

The American Area of Amerika-mura

  1. A larger neighborhood in the southern area of Osaka. Known to have the best night life, and the best spot to find imported goods.


  1. Does not actually have a branch office in Osaka but minor family associates can be found

Androgony is such a big thing that it’s harder to get cyberwear that looks to the Western concept of masculine

Geisha are once again considered sacrosanct.

The Airport

  1. Is controlled by the Big Families directly.
  2. No one knows who is financing the big seaward expansion.

The Port and Terminals

  1. Supposedly contain many small villages within, hidden in the labyrinth of storage containers.
  2. Ran by the Yakuza, a mix of Families.
  3. Many Bosozoku and Cargo gangs found here.

Osaka Castle

  1. 99% under active survaliance.
  2. Exceptionally clean area.


  1. Osaka University
  2. It’s a multi university city within Osaka
  3. The big sport arena’s are all here
    • Rugby
    • Baseball
    • Soccer
    • Basketball
  4. Many Bosozoku and poser gangs found here.