NPC’s of Osaka

Non-Player Character Cast

A small listing of known NPC’s for the group of player characters.

  • Mr. Johnson (The black one)
    • Works with the Fujikara Families
    • Values discretion
  • Miss Johnson (Redhead, scar down left eye)
    • Seems to work with many different families, always good for a quick pay out.
    • Not always the best in having safe jobs
  • Mr. Amaritsu
    • An outsider but can be found in the Amerika-mura area
    • Has paid for a number of tests but hasn’t passed any group to operative jobs.

Place Details

  • Amerika-mura
    • Big Johnson’s Bar – American Poser bar, but sometimes plays host to actual nomad gangs
    • The White House Hotel – A good, kept safe place to stay. Also friendly to meetings for various groups.
    • The Green Light Neighborhood – A Red light district, very Western focused and friendly.
  • Airport
  • Port & Terminals
  • Industrial Area
  • Amagasaki
  • The Greater Sakai (Gaijin Area)
  • Higahirasaka
  • The Railways
    • Westbound
    • Eastbound
    • Osaka Loop 3
  • The Meishin Expressway (To Kyoto and Nagoya)
  • The Chugoku Expressway (To Sanan-Shikoku Area)
  • The Sanyo Expressway (To Hiroshima and Fukuoka)