And one day


Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? You make all the plans. You buy all the gear. Then you put things down, the plans put away for a day or a week. Only to pick up the plans later, fresh, and go over them again, look for holes, gaps before packing things up and testing your self, your plans.

The timing of your first has to be right. Your mood has to be positive, while your resolve is firm for whatever may come.

Finally you pack up your gear, stopping to consider going over the plans again or getting a bigger piece for the job.

Then, you take that deep breath, one that you may take every time you do this from now on, and with both hands plunge it deep into your objective.

Did you remember to look both ways? Did you check that you pushed it in all the way?  Can you stand the waiting, the anticipation of the authorities putting their gloved hands all over your work? After that will the message still be there for those that can see it?

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