“Sigh,” the Scagie said to herself.

She really didn’t know what she was doing, or why she even bothered coming to the Ball. Sure it was one of two times a year that the ball was open, and it was supposed to be open to all of Fairy kind, but when she talked about it her cave mates, her brothers and sisters laughed so hard at her they didn’t even try to hit her with clubs, or fists.

Yet, she went anyways. Several times she thought of turning back. That she was going to be very, very alone. Sure, she had tried to clean up like the good human girls in the histories. She even tried to glamour her shift into looking like a dress. That only made it sparkle with the mud and dried leaves that stuck to it. She quickly dropped the glamour, she knew in her heart that she wanted to go to the Ball, but didn’t know how. Eventually, after reading the announcement for the hundredth time, the little ork just mashed more mud on herself and used a stick to twist up her knotted hair and made her way to the Equinox Ball.

The Equinox Ball, is held twice a year, once in the Spring, and once in the Fall. The Fall Ball, as it was called, was put on by the Winter court of the Fae as they came into power. Sure, everyone was invited, and like both balls, there was an oath that no one would be harmed or held to hasty oaths, it was still a dull and dreary affair. Ice would cover everything, and the music came from fingers so stiff the musicians might as well be corpses. Being Winter Fae, everyone in the Bog had to be there. The Winter King and Queen would never allow one of their balls to be less that packed. So, ever since she could recall Ma and Pa, her brothers and sisters would grab the biggest club they could, and wandered on the frozen dance floor.

This was different, this was the Spring Ball, Scagie had heard it was a place of beauty, and were everyone fell in love for the night. she wasn’t so sure of the last part, what did being punched and kicked have to do with a ball that was supposed to be about dancing but the Spring court were said to be very weird.

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