The Dragon goes fishing


Buzz, BUZZ, Buzz, BUZZ.

Matt slapped the alarm clock off, and blinking his eyes awake, he flew downstairs to find his Dad already in the kitchen. Soon they were out the door and off. As the Sun painted the sky pink and then blue, Matt’s Dad signaled that they were here. A small bend in the river, trees and woods almost completely covering the flowing blue water. Settling down, Matt’s Dad produced a jar of wiggling living worms from a pocketed belt he always wore. First Dad then Matt assumed more appropriate forms, and suddenly Matt’s stomach turned to ice, This was the test! He had to make sure to keep doing what they did, all day as a human boy.

After tying and setting the hooks and bait, Matt’s Dad showed him how to cast correctly, there is nothing like being shown how to do it in real life instead of just reading it in books and magazines. As the day got warmer, and both of them felt a few nibbles, doing their best to reel the fish in. Matt began to suspect fishing was about giving the fish exercise and food. Why else put the worm on the hook, and move it up and down in the water. Dad handed Matt a coke. Then about noon, with no fish having been caught, Dad called Matt to sit down out of the water for lunch.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cold milk from a thermos, Matt really enjoyed the lunch with his Dad. A bit surprised when after lunch before stepping up into the river, his Dad excused himself and went behind a tree. This surprised Matt a lot, and he said so.

“Well Matt, your test is to stay in human form for the whole day. That means no transforming to eat, no transforming to go to the bathroom. Also as you may have seen, there is no restroom out here. So if you have to go, you go behind a tree. There’s a roll of toilet paper, you know what that is, I hung it up on a small branch on that tree there.

Matt’s eyes followed the finger, it was the same tree that Dad had went behind. Suddenly, how gross this test really was hit home. Also, how hard it was going to be, he really had to go pee though. Matt had practiced with his Mom transforming to human, he had also practiced conjuring clothes, even changing them. He was good at eating like one, but to go to the bathroom, that was something he had never done before not like this. Matt carefully walked behind the tree, careful to not step anywhere his Dad may have went, when he couldn’t see anything wet that made Matt feel a little bit better. Matt decided that he didn’t have to go just yet, and maybe he could hold it all day so that part of the test was an auto win.

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