What a wildly fun, intense week it’s been


Spent the week in Utah, Park City to be exact. But I wasn’t there for the Olympics memorabilia, nor the skiing. Anyone who knows me would get a good chuckle at that idea. No, I was there for my writing. Figured get some critique, spend some time soaking in the being alone to get more writing done, swap ideas on the craft and learn more of this art and craft called being an author.

First meal… alone

What I got was this crazily accepting, diverse, nearly insane group of people I’ll forever call friends. Of course, how else are a group of people going to survive being stuck 8000 feet above sea level, in an nearly empty hotel (All feelings of being in “The Shining” were just an extra feature)

Within a day and night, our little group (faculty included) had endured lost deadlines, uncertainty over food, drink, caffeine, and worse for some- alcohol. But through it all, we learned to be crafty, and work as a team.

Many a good cheer can be had with a little teamwork

Things like ‘getting into town safely’, not being chased by bears, feeling the weight of Allie’s glare, or Coda’s literal weight. Sharing notes from the different speakers, or setting up ways to communicate and keep in touch were all made successful by working together.

Of course, a lot of work was done as well. I’m organizing my notes from the different talks and will have those as their own, individual posts.

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