Stargate SG-1: The Elder Gods

In 1928, archaeologists uncovered a massive artifact from an Egyptian site near Giza. The huge metallic ring baffled those who found it, defying their preconceptions and shedding Earth’s ancient past in a whole new light. The device was called a “stargate,” a piece of alien technology from beyond the stars. It connected to vast network of similar gates, scattered on countless planets throughout the galaxy. With it, humanity could travel to alien worlds as easily as walking through a door.

Seventy years later, the United States government created the Stargate Program, designed to send teams of qualified personnel through the gate on missions of exploration and diplomacy. Over the next two decades SG-1 operated outside of the public eye. Then we won. Those who would enslave us as they did millennia ago were vanquished. Several technological terrors were halted from spreading destruction across the galaxy. Finally, the ultimate energy those who Ascended to beings of energy and faith saw the human’s of Earth-the Tauri unite the rest of the shattered galaxy and step into being the fifth of the so called Great Races.

The Stargate program, funded and hidden by most of the industrial nations of Earth – went public as the galaxy came to celebrate. We had unlocked star travel. We were out there, in three different galaxies.

The exploration, the seeking to understand – never stopped. The science never stopped. The danger — never stops. That is where you and your team come in. The standard format for the team was etched by the success of the first team SG-1.

Your PC’s maybe of any known corporeal race minus the Goa’uld, Asgard, and the Wraith. Ranks will be selected by request or random, so concept first.

  1. Military Strategist/Commander
  2. Special Ops Military
  3. Hard Science Specialist
  4. Soft Science Specialist
  5. AncientTech Engineer