Race for the Shadow Pulsar

Once upon a time, in the far ancient past, the lands of the material plane collided with the shadow plane. Thus was the second infusion of magic into the living world. Back in those ancient days, the Gods were living beings whose immense powers shaped the destiny of not just men, but entire lands. As times past, the beings of the universe learned how to manage themselves and their environment without the Gods. While some Gods did not go gently, others allowed themselves to no longer be needed.

With less Gods, magic continued but as the living races spread out across the world – their technology advanced. First catching up to the feats of magic. Then surpassing even the miracles of magic. It was then that the races left the world under their own power.

Elves, Dwarfs, Mankind, and others now live, work and love in the blackness of space. Trade happens between planets that used to between cities and then nations. Using the Fate Accelerated rules, players will help construct a universe full of beings that know technology and magic are out there. While those in the know, realize that some of the magic is still to be found. The Shadow Pulsar so called as certain Apocryphal writings exist of certain Goddesses of Magic hiding themselves and the rest of their miracles away.

But now, certain interests think they found it. The location and what awaits is the keys to creation, and everything they could ever want. This is the universe you and your shipmates will help create.

Think ShadowRun, old school DragonStar, Forgotten Realms and SpellJammer, all mashed up with Cowboy Bebop, Outlaw Star and Firefly.