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Originally published on 8/3/11

Today, is the second birthday of the #amwriting hashtag on twitter and the #amwriting group in general. Today, many of us, published and not, struggling or not, are posting in a sort of party, celebrating the group that we share.

My thought for the group is about my #amwriting place.

My #amwriting place is both physical, and mental.

It is the desk where I keep my laptop, have my headphones, and have small little things, pictures, a funky clock, a comfy chair, that I can be comfortable with, or draw fun and not so fun memories from. The things in my #amwriting place are extensions of what I write, and what I write comes from me. Keeping a lot of pens and paper around, right next to the computer so I can doodle as needed, or jot something down with the feel of pen in hand, and paper under it.

My #amwriting place is filled with silly little rituals, and pieces of imagination.

Oh dear, I appear to have lost it

I’ll tell you a secret I learned thanks to those wonderful people that share the #amwriting tag with me, and the #amwriting website, it’s ok to have those silly little rituals, it’s best to have pieces of your imagination flowing around, loose and free. It’s ok, in fact it’s kind of fun to have odd little rituals.

Making sure your fedora is hanging just right to show the face of the clock.

Enjoying and only drinking from the one off cups and glasses, the funky tall ones and the crazy shaped game ones from places and events past.

Others, many others have their happy #amwriting place. Sometimes it’s more a place in the mind than mine, sometimes not. Check out someone else’s #amwriting birthday thought.

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