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As the Boston Post Road completes is epic trail and in one road unites Boston, Providence, New London, New Haven and New York whispers of death immediately ride it reaching the ears of your masters. Promises of power for those that survive and can thrive using the new road and the uniting of urban areas.

We’re playing via discord, it’s a near constant running game where in the scene may last for several real time days allowing everyone to join in without needing to maintain a session time between several big time zone differences.

All I’m expecting from the players at this time is the concept of who their PC was in life, a clan that sounds good to them and their concept, and what ability type their character is primarily.


  • We will start with a soft character. What that means is I do not expect anyone to know a lot of rules to begin but I expect a concept.
  • Starting out, we just need a name, a concept of who the PC is right now, their job, an ethnicity, and what kind of person they are.


A concept is when you want to play a theif, a debutante, a white-knight, playing someone that wants to grab power, or someone that has a hidden secret to keep.

  • Finally, from the list of clans below one or two that catch the player’s attention as to what they would like to learn and play as.


At this time, Boston is mostly a Camarilla city. but there isn’t enough of it to truly be a Camarilla stronghold.

  1. Ventrue
    1. Blue bloods, kings and king makers. The Ventrue are born and raised to rule.
  2. Toreador
    1. Artist and critique, the Clan of the Rose are the most in tune with their emotions, passions, and inspiration.
  3. Lasombra
    1. The Clan of Shadow, in this time many Lasombra support the Camarilla Traditions and have joined to explore and claim the New World.
  4. Brujah
    1. Warrior-scholars, these can be rulers, but they rule by their hot heads and heavy fists.
  5. Malkavian
    1. Jester, madman, the clan of the broken mirror are sometimes closer to the truth than anyone is comfortable with.
  6. Gangrel
    1. A clan of animal, of the beast, more at ease in the forests and wilds of the New World than it’s emerging urban areas.
  7. Nosferatu
    1. The hidden ones, masters of information, cursed in appearance they excell at being hidden.


The game system supposes that people will be better in one aspect of their abilities in leiu of others. It follows a sterotype that a body builder may not be the most intellectual and similiar. The ability divisions are

Physical Social Mental
Strength Appearance Perception
Dexterity Charisma Intelligence
Stamina Manipulation Wits


Winter 1805

  1. Old State House
  2. The Fisherman’s Haul Providence RI